Thursday, August 10, 2017


Consume. Resin Cast Amy Leach

Wreck Tangle; What happens when a simple form gets complicated. 

While a rectangle is a common shape, often seen as a format for photographs, paintings and drawings, what is a Wrecktangle? An imploded shape? A computer screen? A formal study of slipped angles? A documentation of wreckage, disasters on paper? Artists explore the "shape" of things through various mediums such as painting, video, embroidery, poetry, screen printing and drawing. 

India Abbot, Erika Adams, E.Bay, Kristen Blaker, TW Collins, Devon Clapp, Pat Falco, Jerry Fressola, Nick Garder, Raul Gonzalez the Third, Amy Leach, Tom Longtin, Jeff McRae, Lorraine Mears, Will O'Connor, Rhonda Ratray, Maple VanOrden and Greg Winterhalter

OPENING AUGUST 25 5:30-7:30Left Bank North Bennington, VT

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