Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chain Letter

The Burning Bridges
My submission for Chain Letter

I’ve been asked to be in a group show this summer called Chain Letter. As per the concept of this show, I am supposed to invite 10 artists who I admire to also participate. You are one of my 10. I am inviting you to be a part of Chain Letter because I admire you.

I gotta say, I love the concept of this show. The Boston event was held at Samson Projects @ 450 Harrison Ave.

"Chain Letter" is a global group show wherein 10 artists have been invited to participate. Those 10 then invite 10 artists that they admire. Those 10 invite 10 more and so on. This cycle continues for 30 days.

The result is an exponentially massive, artist-curated group show based entirely on admiration. We hope every admired artist on the planet will be included in "Chain Letter" this summer.

Ted Ollier, aka Mindhue Studio writes about the event here :

Joanne Mattera documents the event here:

Here are a few of my snapshots of the one night global event: