Sunday, March 6, 2016

Picture story

"Flying Ointment" my black and white drawing for "Picture Stories"  The "color" version will be available as part of the collection and maybe as prints?

Picture Stories (Super Special) is collaboration between illustration and painting students of Edinburgh College of Art, students and affiliated artists at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, USA, and students and affiliated artists at the San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, USA.The brief centres on participants responding to short written narratives. The ECA has swapped their ‘stories’ with Boston and to San Francisco, and vice versa.

This was the text sent to me:

"They took out the recipe book, and following directions; they began laying out small amounts of everything in dishes. Measured and calculated, powders and liquids. Mixed to a consistency that when you dip your finger into it, your finger should be just barely coated. You should still be able to see the wrinkles located on the back of your finger. Not too sticky, lumpy, thick or overworked. Never overworked. The mixture should stick to you but also move away, falling silently back into the bowl."