Saturday, August 4, 2012


The Weaver's Bridge 2 2012

                                         The Rainbow Bridge 2 2012

Bridges can be epic like the 1,000 mile long Bering Land Bridge that created a link between North America and Asia ushering humans to a new continent.  Bridges can be spiritual like the Flaming Rainbow Bridge of Norse mythology that connects the Earth to the realm of the gods. Bridges can be iconic like Vermont’s covered bridges that speak to history. These bridges serve to join two pieces of land and foster a connection through time. My series began with bridges in knots as a way to hold the connection tighter. I was in the middle of this series when the destruction of Hurricane Irene hit Vermont. Bridges were washed away, and one that I know of exploded. The bridges became more then a metaphor. People were stranded and the water main to my town was crushed. This ongoing series includes: The Weaver’s Bridge 1 and 2, The Granny Bridges (for Grandma Moses) , The Rainbow Bridge 1 and 2, The Coffin bridge, The Burning Bridges, The Brooktrout Bridge, Disaster at Wishbone Bridge and New Wishbone Bridge. You can see this series in person during the month of August at Kevin's on Main St in North Bennington Vermont, or on my Flickr